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American Flooring Systems Products
In this day and age everyone is looking to add value to their home, and nothing adds value to a home quite like new flooring. American Flooring Systems provides Arizona residents in the Valley of the Sun with a variety of the most desirable flooring types. Whether you are looking to carpet a bedroom, install new hardwood floors in your hallways, or have durable laminate installed your kitchen, American Flooring Systems has the right designs by the best manufacturers in the industry.


Planning And Designing Your Custom Floors

American Flooring Systems will be with you every step of the way. We know that the floors that you choose will likely be there for many years. When you request a free estimate our design specialists will help you through the pricing and design options that you have. We provide samples of all the flooring types available upon a request for an estimate.


Our business has a LEED AP Accredited Professional on staff to assist with any part of the LEED Certification process.

Eco-Friendly: Fashionable And Responsible Flooring

American Flooring Systems now provides environmentally friendly flooring solutions. Our "green" carpets and hardwood designs feature styles as striking as our other designs with the added piece of mind that you are reducing the impact on the earth. These flooring options are made from all organic materials and recycled products. The product label details all aspects of the environmental responsibility of the product.

Not only are these flooring options the smart and fashionable choice,  they are also durable and stain resistant. American Flooring Systems will also provide you with advice on how to recycle your old carpet. You can now live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle from the ground up.


Your Arizona Flooring Installation Specialists

American Flooring Systems only hires the best flooring specialists in the area and takes the time to further train these installers on all aspects of our products. We pride ourselves on being able to ensure our customers that their floors are being installed by a true professional that cares about the work they put forth. We know that you don't want to just let anyone inside your home to work on your floors, so American Flooring Systems installers have been with American Flooring Systems for years. 



Care & Maintenance After Flooring Installation

American Flooring Systems devotion to our customers does not end after your floors are installed. We will provide you with maintenance tips along with the correct cleaners, for the flooring system you choose. We also work closely with maintenance companies for surfaces such as hardwood and carpet. We do suggest getting your floors professional cleaned or refinished once every two to three years. After your floors are installed you can be confident that you will know everything you need to know to keep your floors looking beautiful for years.


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